Water slides for water amusement

High quality outdoor fiberglass wave slide is often seen in water theme parks. Generally, you need to go from the stairs to the top of the operating platform more than ten or twenty meters, and then slide down by your own strength. People in the water park are inherently close to water. Yes, water allows people to survive, and people get pleasure. Common water park slides mainly include cupolas, horn slides, spiral slides, and rainbow competition slides. Water park slides can be regarded as sports. The design, construction and operation of the water park slides are in agreement with park investors, managers and tourists in two aspects:

First of all, safety is always the first priority. As a special facility, it must be certified, accepted, and tested by the national department before it can be put into operation.

Secondly, the feelers can experience the fun that they don’t usually play. The tourist experience must be diversified and must be suitable for the needs of all kinds of people. The amusement projects should keep pace with the times and innovate continuously, and there should be periodic project updates. And upgrade.

Product equipment water slide

Skyscraper slide


Starting from a high altitude, after passing through a spiral chute of tens of meters at high speed, it drops to the lowest point in an instant, and when the reaction returns to mind, it rushes to a big landslide, challenges the limit of gravity, and dives down again safely. Back in the pool, although this is one of the most popular facilities, it will bring a lot of joy.

The big horn slide starts to slide from the top of the platform, flying into the huge horn-shaped slip like a tornado sucking in, relaxing the whole body. Experience the beauty of sliding on the speed slide, especially suitable for the adventurous and thrilling tourists

Spiral slide

This is the earliest slide, the earliest developed one, most of the spiral slide combinations that every water park will have, it can be seen that it is a very popular and popular device

Rainbow Race Slide

It is a kind of very classic water park playground slide. It has multiple parallel designs, generally divided into 3-10 channels. It can be used to slide on the body or on a floating pad and can start at the same time for competitions. The equipment is very interactive and interactive, allowing visitors to Participate in the competition many times to get a joy and fun experience.

Post time: Sep-17-2020