Water park equipment manufacturers: What are the water park equipment?


Water park equipment manufacturers: What are the water park equipment?

What is a water park equipment, specifically can be divided into the following categories:

1: Artificial wave making equipment, such as: vacuum tsunami wave making, blast wave making wave, push plate wave pool, wave ball.

2: Water slide/slide equipment. Such as: spiral slide, big horn slide, leather slide, high-speed slide, fast slide, rainbow slide, large circular slide, children’s slide, giant bowl slide, space basin slide, sky slide, slide slide, python slide, sled barrel Slide etc.

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3: Children’s water play equipment, such as apple house, elephant slide, frog slide, color circle, etc.

4: Water house and water village equipment, such as: Ocean Star Water Village, Amazon Crazy Water Village, etc.

5: Circulating rivers, such as: lazy rafting, wave making river, giant flood gorge.

6: Swimming pool equipment. Such as: standard swimming pool, borderless swimming pool, leisure swimming pool, etc.

7: Hot spring spa equipment
The water park equipment consists of these parts.

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