Rocking horse for kindergarten—not only a toy, but also a tool for intellectual development



The kindergarten rocking horse is not only a toy, but also a tool for intellectual development.

Bone development: We all know that adults have 206 bones, while newborns have 305 bones, so it is usually said that after three months, babies should start to exercise more to promote the development of infant motor function. “Due to the limitations of space and props, the choice of baby exercise tools will be hindered. Crawling and stretching alone are not enough to improve the development of the baby’s motor function. This is the value of the rocking horse. By mounting the baby on the horse and rocking the horse, it can be effective Help the baby to exercise all the bones, so that the baby’s musculature is balanced growth and development, thereby promoting the development of the baby’s motor function. The opportunity for the baby’s bone structure after growth is very reasonable and tangible. We will find that many adults around us The bone structure of the friend is generally not very good, or even severely distorted. In fact, this has an absolute relationship with childhood.
Coordination and balance: The time when a baby starts to stand and walk is mainly related to the baby’s natural physical stamina and later motor ability. The former is not much to say, because it involves the mother’s physical fitness and other reasons, and the later motor function development is directly related to the baby’s movement. You will find that many babies can stand and walk, but the “lower board” is unstable, which is related to the baby’s bone development and body balance and coordination. Rocking the horse can help the baby to improve the balance and coordination of the body very effectively. Rocking the horse by the baby mount to make it swing back and forth can directly and effectively help the baby to improve the awareness and ability of balance and coordination. Some mothers spoil the baby too much and let the baby do some exercises, which may harm the baby. In fact, this is not good for the baby’s healthy growth.
Thinking ability: We all know that babies have great curiosity and desire to explore everything, and begin to feel anything from him with sight and touch. “If we exercise and train babies effectively, it will be very helpful for children to think and use their brains in the future. Rocking horses can do this very well. Babies are naturally sensitive to animals. By playing with rocking horses The baby subconsciously “communicates” with the shaking horse. This communication is not the language we understand, but from the central nervous system of the brain. At the same time, when the baby is happy, it can stimulate the facial muscles and central nervous system. Development and maturity.
In short, the rocking horse is a toy that can promote the development of the baby’s sensory system. The emphasis here is that sensory disorders are not a real disease. Children with sensory impairments are mentally normal, but the coordination of the children’s brain and body parts is hindered, which makes many prominent aspects impossible to show. It is usually easy for children to correct sensory disorders through training before the age of 12. Once they are over 12 years old, they will be stereotyped and cannot be changed. This is why some children are smart when they are young, but they are ordinary when they grow up. Therefore, with the help of some props, such as shaking the horses, give the baby a more correct and convenient game, and training can help the baby improve his ability, improve the sense of integration, and reduce the above symptoms.

Post time: Dec-16-2020