Preparing for the preparation of children’s naughty castle

1. The age group of the Naughty Fort Paradise should be determined. It is a good 0-6 year old school, or just stepping into the campus.

2. The area of the Naughty Fort Paradise is also considered to be good. If it is too small, it may affect long-term business problems. It must be carefully evaluated according to the state of its own funds. The other is to invest in which types of children’s play equipment must be compared and analyzed. The traditional naughty castle has low cost and low interaction. The new electric naughty castle has strong parent-child interaction, safety and hygiene, and the open environment is a bright feeling. It is also important to choose the venue at the same time. It is necessary to make an assessment of the business prospects such as traffic flow in the surrounding traffic environment. It is best to choose a large shopping mall, shopping mall, large community, etc., and the popularity determines the income.

3. It is also a crucial step to select the manufacturer of children’s naughty bag amusement equipment. It is best for investors to go to the factory for field visits, to see the status of their operations and the scale of the venue, and to be the production quality, reputation, and delivery time after-sales service, etc., all have to do a series of arrangements.
Preparing for the preparation of children's naughty castle1

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Post time: Jun-30-2020

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