How to choose bumper boat amusement equipment?


Traditional bumper boats use injection-molded hulls with inflatable airbags wrapped around them as buoyancy aids to make them float on the water. A new type of amusement equipment that uses a new type of DC-driven propeller to generate power; the hull adopts an animal shape according to children’s preferences, with a built-in electromagnetic electronic time manager, remote control and MP3 audio equipment, and the steering wheel is beautiful and generous. There are dragons, ducklings, swans and so on.

The rotomolding bumper boat is the hull of the traditional bumper boat changed to a more robust and durable rotomolding material, which has a long service life and will not fade after several years of use. It is a good choice for operators.

The laser bumper boat is a high-tech water amusement equipment with beautiful appearance, excellent performance, strong sense of participation, wireless remote control by the operator, and rubber tires to make the collision more exciting. It is accompanied by a high-fidelity sound system and changeable lighting. , Make it more interesting, the low-voltage alarm circuit can better protect the battery life. Tourists can drive the warship through the steering wheel to move back and forth, and the boat is equipped with laser guns and water guns to shoot each other. There are mines on the water, and when hit The target spouted water jets with the sound of explosions, creating an atmosphere of naval battle, and it was endless fun!

Post time: Nov-09-2020