Explore the charm of outdoor unpowered amusement facilities


Outdoor unpowered amusement equipment is more and more favored by investors. In addition to high-tech machinery and equipment that keeps pace with the times, in recent years, it has begun to return to nature from another angle, pay attention to the cultivation of people’s physical fitness, and relieve the impact of electronic products on people. Weakening of sensory development such as touch, hearing, and vision.
With the continuous development of the market, the market share of outdoor unpowered amusement equipment is also increasing. Because outdoor unpowered amusement equipment has a lower cost and operating capital than mechanically powered amusement equipment, mechanically powered amusement equipment is suitable Placed in a place or amusement park with a large flow of people, if the flow of people is not enough for some farms and parks, the mechanized power amusement facilities are extremely monotonous, and it is difficult to provide tourists with fun.

What is unpowered amusement equipment? What are the characteristics of unpowered amusement equipment? Let’s lead everyone to learn about unpowered amusement equipment~

Unpowered amusement equipment refers to an active experience type facility with the characteristics of amusement equipment without using any unnatural external force and energy. Its characteristics are high safety factor, long service life, low maintenance cost, strong entertainment and good interaction. Outdoor unpowered amusement facilities can stimulate children’s sports nature, create novel play methods and challenges for children, and can alleviate the impact of current electronic products on children’s senses such as vision and hearing, and promote children’s healthy growth.

Unpowered amusement facilities are divided into many types, such as: large drilling nets, theme modeling equipment, large crawling nets, trampolines, stainless steel slides, sand pool paradise, jungle leap, physical development, etc.

Outdoor unpowered amusement facilities can be divided into challenge type, interactive type and experience type according to the type of experience.

Challenging amusement equipment: This type of amusement equipment needs to wear safe equipment. Through the use of safety belt protection measures, some series of games such as leaping, speed reduction, and climbing are used. Jungle expansion and jungle adventure projects need to wear safety equipment for experience play.

Interactive amusement equipment: This type of amusement equipment does not need to wear safety devices, and has a high safety factor. Using a larger activity space can enhance the interaction and thus also increase the fun.

Experiential amusement equipment: This type of equipment is mostly non-powered products built for children, such as sand pools, swings, leisure seats, etc.

Post time: Dec-18-2020