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Engine maintenance requirements

• Fill low-sulfur diesel at regular gas stations
Fuel Filter
• The mileage of the diesel filter replacement is 20,000 kilometers. Actual conditions need to refer to road conditions and usage habits.
Motor oil
• Please use genuine motor oil from regular channels, and the oil grade is CJ-4 and above
Note: Winter oil should be changed in some areas in winter to ensure the cold start performance of the engine
Oil filter
• Machine filter, oil, filter replacement mileage is 10,000 kilometers, the actual need to refer to road conditions and usage habits.
Note: When replacing the oil filter, please pre-fill with clean oil
air filter
• Please replace it according to the specified mileage. If you find that the air filter is ashy or clogged, please replace it immediately
Note: It is forbidden to run the engine without air filter, and the maintenance mileage should be appropriately shortened in harsh environments.
Note: It is forbidden to add water to the cooling system as this will cause severe engine failure
Vehicle inspection items
Fuel oil water separator
• Drain the oil-water separator and drain water and sediment from the oil-water separator before starting the vehicle every day
• If the fuel water sensor alarm light is on during driving, immediately open the drain valve to drain water
• Be careful not to overtighten the drain valve. Overtightening will damage the threads and affect the seal.

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