Development trend of water amusement equipment


Water playground is a kind of outdoor amusement project, and its equipment includes a series of water sports products such as bracket swimming pool (adult swimming pool, children swimming pool), wave pool, water slide, castle cottage, and rubber raft rafting.

The water park is currently a very popular amusement facility, which is deeply loved by the majority of tourists. Compared with that, there will be better development and better service for tourists. According to the current status of the water park industry, and the general operating problems faced by water parks, I personally believe that the investment and development of water park facilities may have the following trends.

1. The market is becoming saturated

The growth rate of the overall water park industry will definitely gradually decrease. Just like the GDP growth rate, it is impossible to maintain double-digit growth forever. The industry development will enter a new normal of low-speed, steady, and benign development.

2. Intelligent

Adopting high technology, it develops towards high altitude, high speed, high standard and beautiful luxury. In the future, large-scale amusement equipment (including water park equipment) will pay more attention to the combination of high technology and pursue intelligence, diversification and aesthetics.

3. Integration

Integration means that the positioning of the water park will integrate multiple amusement functions, and the format of the business will be diversified and integrated. The water park will integrate the functions of a water park and a land park.

4. Network

Networking means paying attention to the seamless connection between online and offline. Yifang Miaozheng should pay attention to building a more efficient and convenient ticket booking channel; on the other hand, it should pay more attention to the interaction between online and offline. Real-time sharing of the park situation, online visual simulation tours in the park, and online display of park products can all provide reference for tourists’ choices.

5. Fusion of innovative ideas

Multi-dimensional sports combination, traditional to fashion change: the future development direction of large-scale water amusement equipment is to combine multiple sports under the premise of ensuring safety to increase interest and playability. In addition, traditional items move closer to fashion, giving people a sense of tall.

Post time: Oct-09-2020