Children’s water hand boating

Children's water hand boating is a popular amusement method in parks, swimming pools, scenic spots and other mobile water parks in summer. It is favored by children and parents because of its safety and fun.

The design of the cartoon image of the hand boating is lifelike, which caters to the tastes of children and is deeply loved by children. At the same time, the children's hand boat also has a strong educational effect: it not only exercises the coordination and cooperation of the children's hands, eyes, and brain, but also develops the children's intelligence in the process of entertainment.


1. Generally, it is made of impact-resistant, high-density, UV-resistant PE PP, which is strong and durable.

2. The advanced fluid mechanics impeller design produces the maximum speed with the smallest force. The 360° rotating grip is very flexible regardless of forward, backward, and steering. Every child can easily learn and operate freely.

3. The buoyant impeller design provides better lateral stability than ordinary ships. The impeller rotating handle can be fixed and will not rotate arbitrarily due to water flow.

4. Lightweight design and easy to carry. Generally, the space in the luggage compartment of a SUV can be put in, and you can play wherever you go.

5. The hull shell is sturdy and durable, with a weight of 15 kg, which is comparable to a non-common PVC blown hull. A mooring hole is reserved at the stern, which is convenient for fixing the position of the ship and can also be used to control the distance of the ship.

6. The bearing design makes the rotation more flexible and convenient.

7. The installation is convenient, the site requirements are low, and the product is easy to maintain.

The hand boat is suitable for the venue:

Parks, squares, scenic areas, swimming pools, ponds, water entertainment venues, and in front of supermarkets and shopping malls, water depths above 20 cm and below 65 cm can be used.

Post time: Sep-21-2020