Lots of water park interactive splash equipment for sale

Short Description:

• FOB Price:US $200-5000/ Piece
• Min.Order Quantity:1 set
• Supply Ability:1000 Piece/Pieces per Month
• Port:Shanghai
• Payment Terms:T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P

Product Detail

Product Tags

1. Bright colors, no fading, high strength, anti-static, wear-resistant, light-resistant, aging-resistant, and crack-resistant. 2. Refer to European and American popular styles, combined with the characteristics of the domestic market, ingeniously dissolve functional actions such as running, drilling, climbing, climbing, sliding, turning, rolling, etc. in children's play, which not only exercise the children's balance and independence Coordination and creativity are also conducive to children's awareness of self-protection.

3. It is very suitable for lively occasions (parks, communities, tourist areas, garden landscapes, etc.). The structure of the amusement facility is safe and durable. Its ingenious design, harmonious colors, and the ingenious combination of various plastic components can bring children a safe, joyful and lively feeling.

4. According to the actual size of the venue, different types of amusement facilities can be designed

Product packaging
The iron part of the product uses cotton + film, and the plastic part uses bubble film + plastic film

Products Include
Water sketches: water spray buds, water spray pencils, rain mushrooms, elephant slides, water guns, frog slides, apple shower room, water seesaw, water spray leaves, morning glory water spray, bell water spray, cartoon fish combination , Seahorse water spray, hedgehog water spray, shell water spray, water motorcycle, water spray flying fish, water cannon, rainbow small slide, duckweed, five cone inverted bucket, water circle, water head clown, water spray column, sunflower Water spray, four water clowns, snail water spray, crocodile water spray, turtle water splash, wild flower water spray, lotus leaf frog, rainbow slide.

Process and raw materials
1. Using glass fiber reinforced materials with enhanced strength and thickness, it has high strength, is not easy to fade, is not easy to deform, and has high safety. It has passed many certifications at home and abroad, and has ultraviolet and anti-static characteristics.
2. The steel pipe used is the national standard steel pipe, which adopts galvanizing technology and undergoes electrostatic spraying and high temperature baking paint treatment, and the quality is very good.
3. The iron parts of the product are painted and powdered after anti-rust and degreasing. The high-temperature electromagnetic baking process is adopted. The anti-rust performance is particularly strong. The game platform is stamped and formed from a full-piece carbon steel plate. There are small holes drilled on the surface of the platform to prevent slipping.
4. The game rack slides and drill barrels are made of imported food-grade plastics by advanced vacuum rotomolding technology. They all contain anti-static and anti-ultraviolet components, and have a long-lasting color.
5. According to the children's interests and hobbies, the unique and ever-changing game content is carefully designed, fashionable, colorful, durable, durable, strong and solid, the products have passed ISO9001 international quality system certification.

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